Dialogues are very important for any kind of Cinema; Cinemapicha Dialogue contest is here to encourage and showcase the talent of creative writing and acting through dialogues. The main criteria is how good the contestant tells dialogue with emotions, content of dialogue and how good you deliver with emotion is the key thing for Cinemapicha Dialogue contest.

Dialogue criteria:

  • Can be of any genre (Action, Comedy, Sentimental anything).
  • Can be of any language (if not in Telugu, subtitles are expected).
  • Can be of any movie or your own written dialogue (own written dialogues would be appreciated but shouldn’t be offending to anyone).
  • Can be shot with any camera, no priority for special effects or editing styles.
  • Can be of single take or multiple takes, but should be continuous without any patches or breaks while editing.
  • Final dialogue video should have only one actor saying dialogue on screen (voice over is allowed).
  • Final dialogue video should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • Maximum of 3 entries are accepted from each participant.

Timing & Judgment:

Entries accepted: Extended – April 10th 2012

Voting Starts : April 16th – April 26th 2012

Winners Announcement : April 27th 2012

All the received entries which are accepted will be published on our website for voting, judgment is done by all the Cinemapicha fans and the public, top 3 entries with highest  likes on youtube will receive Cinemapicha gift check, 3 other entries will be picked by Cinemapicha team as jury prizes.

How to send:

Email your Dialogue video to include below details,

  • Easy downloadable video link* via YouTube, Vimeo or any sharing application.
  • Include your team details (actor, dialogue writer, camera, director, and movie name (if chosen is a movie dialogue).

Disclaimer: All submissions will become the sole property of the Cinemapicha editorial stuff, which may be used for promotion of Cinemapicha events in any media. By submitting the entry, you agree that your dialogue video may be used for any promotional and advertising purposes without any compensation, unless prohibited by law.

Pose Contest:

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