About Us

Our Team Cinemapicha consists of creative, young and enthusiastic individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, who share common interest – our passion and addiction for arts. We believe that art is the process of total imaginative and creative skill that leads to a product which doesn’t have any set of rules. So here we are to create our own kind of art which can be examined and analyzed by experts or simply enjoyed by those who appreciate our art.

As Cinema is form of art, at Cinemapicha we aim to showcase such art along with creating a new generation of Cinema. This idea often makes us transform into critics, producers, directors, writers, musicians, artists, publicists, managers and when situation demands, even actors. Our product Cinemapicha.com will showcase :

  • New movie Cinemapicha video reviews (first of its kind in Telugu).
  • First hand genuine reviews of all new movies from Cinema Picha fans.
  • Weekly new movie updates with trailers.
  • Cinemapicha Adda (one stop shop for all young and independent film makers).
  • Blog with tips, techniques, training sessions and workshops for enthusiastic and amateur film makers.
  • Showcase of Short Films from all young cinema makers.
  • Cinemapicha Pukarlu (Cinema news; this will contain all good, made-up, may be real, funny and positive rumors spreading around which should not be trusted by anyone, unless confirmed by the real sources).

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